Wedding Photography

The Memorable Occasion

Weddings are a major source of work for freelance photographers and one of the most lucrative, typically involving an entire day’s work. Wedding photographers fall into three general camps: photojournalists, traditional photographers, and those with a balanced bag of tricks.

Wedding photography is probably one of the hardest and most constrained work you can do in the photography activity. Weddings and senior portraits are services that are always in demand but there is often competition to contend with.

Freelancers who are catering to brides and grooms may consider attending bridal affairs and networking with other wedding professionals in the area to exchange advertising materials. Another very lucrative industry that photographers should get into is doing wedding photographs.

You can actually do photographs not only for the wedding day itself and the receptions but also before the wedding. Photographers can also do engagement portraits as well as wedding portraits. Another area where you can earn money during weddings are taking shots of the guests and then selling them afterwards during the receptions.

As a Freelance photographer you can also utilize individual requirement of photographers for weddings and other occasions, which will give you stable business with steady income.

Punctuality is especially important when covering special occasions like weddings and graduations. People who want wedding photos typically want top-quality work and are willing to pay for it. There’s no hard-and-fast measure of demand for freelance photography but there are some useful indicators such as the number of weddings in the area.

Most weddings happen in the spring and summer months so such work tends to be seasonal. The best thing to do if you have not already found your “niche” in photography, is explore different types of photography: fashion, nature, run-way, weddings, etc.

Of course you would know not to submit a wedding photo to a sport magazine. Always remember to get a comprehensive contract in writing from any wedding photography or portrait photography services you hire.

When you capture all the moments of your wedding and all the spontaneity in you and your guests, it’s a memorable time for all. The use of photography in an effort to preserve this day is common to all weddings and receptions, and the obligatory photographer is always present.

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Sell Your Digital Photos

Sell Your Digital Photos


~ by Marlene on August 5, 2008.

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